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Art Cars Pontiac

Une art car Pontiac sur carte postale

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Rover 25 par Matthew Williamson

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Art Cars Mercury

Old Gregg’s Mercury Cougar Art Car

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Art Cars Lincoln

1957 Lincoln Premier par Laurence Gartel

Painted Flamingos on Lincoln Art Car

Artist Jeanette Whitt came up with the concept for the style of Peter Max.

1973 Lincoln Continental


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Art Cars Jeep

989 Jeep Cherokee that has been covered in artwork from a children’s book. It also has a nickname, “Elmer.” 2015

4×4 Jeep Art Car goes nowhere Arizona

Jeep par JR Artiste

Unique Art Car Created During Art Basel 2011 – Jeep Wrangler 2006

Deux Jeep à la Houston Parade 2011

Kevin Mathieu creator of the Jeep Lego Car

Art Car Jeep Austin 2005

The Peep Jeep is a fan-favorite in the Houston Art Car Parade. And indestructible or not, their design is never the same twice.

Art Car Jeep

Marlene (Marty) Vale The Flamingo Car 2011

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Art Cars Ford

Peint à la bombe par six artistes urbains (Lyken, FiST, Syrkus, Rue 5, Death Rattles et Al White), cet exemplaire de la Ford Focus , Glasgow 2011

The car is a 1983 Ford LTD Station Wagon, and a few decades ago, was transformed by George Lilanga, arguably the most influential East African artist ever. 2019 Allemagne

Ford Focus RS MK3 wrapped art car by Virtika-09

« Peace the temple of one love » created by “Brother One Feather”

1971 Ford Torino art car at the 2014 New York Auto Show 2014

1979 Ford Mustang Art Car « Bipolar Express », photo 2009

Aboriginal Art Car: Fiesta Gets Australian Outback Flair par Damien Marks Tjangala 2010 Watson sur Falcon, 2014

wrap Focus

1988 Ford Taurus Station Wagon Art Car 2004

Ford Van called “Vanadu

Ford Escort art car

Elmer Ford is the second artcar created by artist Allen Christian

FOrd Taurus art car 2013

« Still life with stone and car », was created by Arkansas-born and Berlin-based artist Jimmie Durham who dropped a mammoth 3 ton rock onto an unsuspecting 1999 Ford Festiva hatchback

That is why we asked Lee Quiñones, a contemporary artist whose roots are in the subway graffiti movement, to turn a new Ford Flex into a rolling work of art. 2009

Flower Art Car definitely takes best of flower show, a Ford Torus that was for sale last August in North Hollywood.

Ford Taurus Sharpie 2010

1988 Ford Taurus Station Wagon Art Car 2009

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Art Cars Dodge

Une Dodge Viper ACR-X qui se prend pour un Art Car BMW aux 24h du Mans en 2010

1970 Dodge Challenger by Dubai-based Pakistani artist, Ahsan Rauf en 2019 (3D mais bon)

Dodge Neon Art Car Rearview is a painting by Sharon Ford which was uploaded on August 24th, 2013.

Dodge Viper Art Car, SRT Viper – 2015 New York International Auto Show

The art car — titled Painting the Dodge, 20 years in the making — is the work of East Village-based artist Hanne « H7L » Lauridsen. site perso

Dr. Matthew Donahue with his “Red, White and Blue Jackson Pollocktik” piece, made from a 1971 Dodge Dart. Donahue has made 20 art cars himself over the years

Dodge Caravan Mystery Machine 2013

Dodge Avenger art car

Object Dart en 2013

Dodge Minivan Push me Pull you Houston Parade 2015

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Art Cars Chrysler

Une art car Chrysler, modèle de 1968

Une Chrysler 300 par Laurence Gartel 2012, page sur Laurence Gartel

93 Chrysler Le Baron convertible was finished in 2010 par Oliver von Feistmantl, voir aussi VW Comi

PT Cruiser

PT Cruiser

1989 Chrysler LeBaron Mosaic Art Car, Rolling Sculpture Car Show in Downtown Ann Arbor 2014

Un PT Cruiser

PT Cruiser

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Art Cars Chevrolet

Chevrolet Corvette C7R Art Car 2017 par Ramzi Adek pour les 24h du Mans

Spark Woody Wagon Inspirée d’une création originale du designer allemand Smeilinener 2010

Adi Sumi sur Chevrolet Lacetti en 20008

Chevrolet Orlando by Quinze&Milan en 2011

TAG Heuer Chevrolet RML Cruze TC1 art car à Goodwood 2016

2014 Chevrolet Corvette par Casey Swanseger, Tyler Mars et Haneif Katebi, employés Gm pour le gala organisé par le MOCAD

EnikOne Sur Chevrolet Sonic en 2012 à L.A. voir article

Extremo Van 2003 Chevy Astro par Scott Campbell au Montana Folk Fest 2014 (autres art cars)

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Inspired by the custom art by JT Liss entitled “Life”. 2016

In 2010, artist Ian Cook aka Popbang Colour, was invited to create an art car based on the new Chevrolet Spark, as a result he designed the ‘SpART’

2016 Washington Auto Show Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Camaro Batman art car 2012

Une Chevrolet sur Haight Street en 2014

Chevrolet Camaro fresque américaine 2011

Corvette céramique

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Art Cars Subaru

ChewBaru, a Subaru Covered in 70 Pounds Of Dentures en 2014